STEM for Schools

We are an authorized partner of CM Asia Learning, a Singapore-based company that provides STEM curriculum for both public and private schools in the Asia Pacific region.  Their STEM program, which is created by Robomatter, is age-appropriate from 6 onwards and covers the critical learning years of primary to secondary education.

Leveraging on research from leading institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University, this STEM curriculum caters for both Computer Science and Robotics pathways. It is suited as a drop-in replacement for existing ICT classes and creates excitement for STEM-related pursuits from a young age.

With the growing digitalization of the global economy and increased pressure on schools to create a workforce that can adapt to the challenges of the future, our STEM curriculum is the right tool to help make this happen. It is backed by an excellent educator’s training program to ensure successful delivery of the program and provides learning pathways to obtain certification from leading institutions.

For more information on these STEM curriculum programmes, please visit Robomatter or contact us directly.